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The Great War broke out in August 1914. It was to last four years. Nearly a million members of the British armed forces were to lose their lives. Glasgow was to suffer over 18000 casualties. Their sacrifice is recorded on the War Memorials and Rolls of Honour which are to be found in the local area. Many of these were originally located in the schools, factories and churches which had contributed towards the war effort.

The pupils of Cleveden Secondary have been learning about the people listed on one of these memorials. The North Kelvinside Secondary School War Memorial records the names of 72 former pupils who lost their lives during the First World War. In 1914 it was one of the main schools for the local area. It closed in 1998. For three years the school buildings were to be the Oban Drive annex of Cleveden Secondary. During this time the memorial was located in the school library. When the buildings were eventually demolished the memorial was relocated to Ruchill Parish Church.


A number of websites were used to help identify some of the people who are listed on the memorial. These were:

Vision of Britain
This gave information on Glasgow and the local area before 1914.

National Library of Scotland
This allowed pupils to find the position of many of the streets that existed in 1914
Glasgow Guide
Many of the street names have changed since 1914. This helped identify locations.
Scotlands People
This gave more information about many of the people on the memorial.
Commonwealth War Graves Commision
This website allowed pupils to search using the names from the memorial.
The City of Glasgow Roll of Honour 1914 -1919