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Fair Trade

Staff and pupils on the Fair Trade steering group work throughout the year to promote and take action for Fairer Trade.


Fair Trade aims to tackle poverty and injustice in the developing world.


Fair Trade puts developing world producers in control of their own lives and gives them a fairer deal for the work they do.


Fair Trade believes in a different way of doing business, it's a way that puts the poorest of the world first.


The Fair Trade Mark  lets you know that International Standards have been upheld and that developing world farmers have been able to make a sustainable living.

In other words, farmers from developing countries, can receive a fairer pay for the work that they do!

 Click here for our school policy on Fair Trade


Our school have been learning about Fair Trade throughout the session and have supported events such as World Fair Trade Day and Fair Trade Fortnight!


Fair Trade Uniform!

The following are suppliers of Fair Trade Uniform. There are many more out there but these are two to get you started:



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