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Extra curricular

There is an extraordinary variety of extra-curricular events happening in the course of a year. Some of these are occasional, and affect almost everybody, while some are regular, but involve only a few enthusiasts.

A list of weekly clubs (including times) can be found in our Calendar.

In a typical year we might see:


The school has an excellent orchestra, several ensembles, choirs and so on. There are also unofficial groups of pupils dedicated to producing various esoteric brands of modern music. At some concerts, around a hundred pupils can be performing. Music happens just about all the time.


We remain a bastion of excellence in the field of Scottish social dancing. The Christmas dances and the summer dance are a joy to behold, and are attended by everyone who's anyone. Discos, with professional DJs, are held at least once a term.

Educational visits

This heading covers everything from theatre trips to foreign holidays. Almost every department is involved at some time in visits out of school. There is usually a ski trip abroad in the spring, or a summer trip to Normandy or somewhere. A sixth year trip to Paris and Eurodisney is now a regular end-of-session fixture.

Sports and games

We have the usual regular activities like football, basketball, cricket, netball and badminton, but we also have a great many irregular activities, like fun runs, swimming galas, football and hockey tournaments, life-saving classes, volleyball, etc. We also sometimes run trips to rugby internationals, and have sea-angling and river fishing trips. Canoeing and sailing also attract much interest.

Find out more about our sports activities


We have all sorts of initiatives devoted to helping others, from regular events over the last few years we have raised over £10,000 to one-off things like can-collecting and the like. During last session, for example, we raised nearly £7,000 for a variety of charities including Comic Relief.

Other arts

Debating and public speaking, the visual arts, with our art department contributing to all sorts of things, literature, including a school magazine – the list is by no means exhaustive.

Really, there is no need to be bored at Cleveden. Whatever people put into activities, they get more than equal measure out of them. We hope all parents will encourage their children to be doers.