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Numeracy Across Learning

As our young people continue their journey through Curriculum For Excellence in Cleveden, we are committed to developing their Numeracy skills across all subject areas. We aim to provide pupils with the confidence to approach challenges in real life situations and develop their problem solving abilities, making them ready for the world of work.

Common Approaches

To ensure that our young people recognise the transferable skills within Numeracy Across Learning, we use common approaches to number work in all curricular areas. To reinforce these, posters are displayed in key areas around the school and in classrooms where appropriate.

As parents and carers, please take some time to look at these. They may be useful when helping your son/daughter with their home learning tasks and revision.





World Maths Day 2013

5th March


S1-S3 pupils took the opportunity to show off their Numeracy skills by competing against young people all over the world in mental Maths challenges. See the pictures below...


 The Cleveden World Cup - Health and Wellbeing Project


In October 2012, all of our S2 pupils took part in a joint project between the Mathematics and the Health and Wellbeing Departments to show how we can use our Numeracy skills in PE. They investigated how our heart rate was affected during physical activity and how we could use these skills to calculate and analyse these by competing in the Cleveden World Cup tournament.

Each tutor class competed at a country and played in the group stages, with winners in each group progressing to the finals. It was an enjoyable afternoon for all pupils and staff involved, and most importantly, the rain stayed off!

Well done to all those who took part, and the winners were:

Bronze Medal Winner: Brazil 2F2

Silver Medal Winners: Sweden 2W1

Gold Medal Winners: France 2W2


S1 Commonwealth Cup Tournament May 2013

Not to be outdone….. All of our S1 pupils had the opportunity to show off their football and Numeracy skills. Despite the rain, the event was a huge success! Here are our winners:


   Gold – Nigeria 1W, Silver – Bahamas 1F, Bronze – Singapore 1F          



Numeracy Across Learning Day – Friday 17th May 2013

 The aim of the day...


All S1 pupils enjoyed a day to practise the numeracy skills that they use everyday in maths in other curricular areas. They were also given the opportunity to work in small groups, encouraging them to use their social skills and involving themselves in teambuilding exercises.

  • Design Technology – we used our measurement skills to plan and construct a domino
  • Science – we used our calculation skills to complete problems involving speed, distance and time.
  • Statistics – we learned how statistics can be used to mislead and influence a consumer.

 The day was a great success, see pictures below!

                                                                                Roll on next year!!!