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Additional SQA Related In-Service Days – 1st and 7th June 2021 Details

As we continue our alternative certification model this year, there are two further in-service days which will impact on children being at home. Mrs Wilson has written a letter and outlined the dates for all remaining in-service days until the school closes in June 2021.

 Additional SQA Related In-Service Days – 1st and 7th June 2021 Letter


Executive Director Ms McKenna has prepared a free school meals update for families. Please take the time to read the information.


learners and Covid Testing

As the First Minister has announced the return to school of some Senior Phase learners, please take the time to read the letter from Mrs Wilson on the initial details and outlining the testing programme for staff and Senior Phase pupils.

Return of Senior Phase learners and Covid Testing Letter

Remote learning 

Mrs Wilson has written a letter outlining the plans for remote learning from 11 January to 15 February 2021. Please take the time to read the letter as it contains important information on how we support families at this time.

Mrs Wilson's Parental Letter 8 January 2021

Check out our Guided Tour of the Remote Learning Hub:  Remote Learning Guided Tour 

Free School Meals March 2021 update

To support families eligible for free school meals during the period of lockdown, Glasgow City Council will pay £25 per child every 2 weeks into parent/carers’ bank accounts starting 22 Jan until Scot Gov announce reopening of schools. Advice on the eligibility criteria and the application process is available on this link

Ms McKenna Executive Director has outlined the details in a letter: Ms McKenna FME Payment Letter

 Ms McKenna has provided a further update for meals during the spring break. There is an additional £100 plus £25 for the spring break for all children with entitlement P1 to S6. This £125 will be paid between 19th March and 22nd March. Details are in the letter below:



Ipad Fault reporting

Cleveden Pupils do you have an issue with your iPad and need support? Click on the image: 

Last update: 2021-03-30

Senior Phase Assessment

Mrs Wilson has outlined the details for the school's plans to assess your child's progress in the Senior Phase.

There have been a number of changes to the assessment process since the Depute First minister's statement about the removal of National exams. We are currently preparing young people for exams in Higher and Advanced Higher.

The letter can be viewed here: Senior Phase Assessments


Last update: 2021-03-30


Cleveden Secondary School extends a warm welcome to all prospective pupils and their parents/carers.  We hope this web site offers you some insight as to why we are so proud of our school.

Latest School Events

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Latest News

Clothing Grants

If you received a grant last year you do not need to apply this year, we will pay you automatically in early July. You must however let us know now if your circumstances have changed such as your bank details or address. Visit the website at to complete an online enquiry form.

If you are a new applicant, forms will be available on our website mid-July, once the automatic payments have been made.

For S5 or S6 pupils (aged 16+), grants are paid after pupils have returned to school

P7 Transition Information  

Our prospective parents and carers of our new First Year pupils will not experienced our transition in the way we would have hoped. 

We have put together a virtual tour to allow you to see the school facilities and key members of staff.

The tour can be viewed here

Please also visit our dedicated P7 Transition Page

NHS Information

The most informative and update to date information and guidance around Covid 19 can be found here:

Glasgow City Council Information:

Glasgow City Council’s website page  will be updated with the most current information and developments –

 Our School

Following the closure pupils and parents can access information in the following way;

  • Our Twitter feed will regularly update on information.
  • Departments have set up Teams for all classes S1-S6. This will allow access to teaching resources through Glow and teacher directed website information. 
  • Option process for session 2021-2022 will begin shortly. Pupils should be engaging in remote learning and levels of progress is be reviewed weekly to help identify where we need to further support pupils.
  • If you require a password reset for Glow please email Mr Mulvey


Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliance

The school has achieved the Bronze Award of the LGBT Schools Charter. The Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliance (GSA) has made great progress working towards the award.

School Transport Details

For pupils coming to the school please see the maps and bus route details for the Summerston bus and the Possil/Ruchill bus.