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ParentPay is the online payment solution used in all mainstream primary and secondary schools in Glasgow. ParentPay used to pay for all school trips, meals, concert tickets, uniforms, etc and will enable us to remove all cash and cheques from schools.

In addition, you can now pre-order your child's lunches in advance whether you pay for meals or are have FSM entitlement (primary schools only). A guide on how to order, amend and cancel meals can be found under related items.

In the related documents section, you can find more information on ParentPay and a guide on how to order, amend and cancel meals.

More information can be found on the ParentPay website at www.parentpay.com.

If you have any queries contact your school directly or contact ParentPay at support@parentpay.com.


ParentPay login can be found by clicking the image below: