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Cleveden Secondary School


Pastoral Care

Cleveden enjoys an enviable reputation as a civilised and caring school and much of the credit for that lies with the many teachers who are directly involved with our system of pastoral care.

Houses, Tutor Groups and Student Tutors

Every pupil is in one of four houses: Eagle, Falcon, Harrier or Osprey.   Each house is headed by a Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care (PTPC) who is the main link between school and family/home. Every day, the tutor groups meet for 10 minutes in Personal Support Time (PST) first thing in each morning (08:55 -09:05). This is the time when registration and attendance matters are often dealt with, but it is also an opportunity for PST teachers to raise issues of current concern/pass on information/hand out letters etc... – (e.g. exams coming up, forthcoming social events, consultations about school policy matters and so on). This system allows teachers to build up long-term relationships with a manageable group of young people in a relatively informal situation.


Principal Teachers of Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Principal Teacher (PTPC) is a very important person in a secondary school pupil's life. He or she is the child's 'trouble-shooter' and the school's main link with the home. It is the PTPC who monitors attendance and timekeeping across the house, who scrutinises and summarises the school reports for UCAS and prospective employers.

Mrs  Catherine Commaille

(Falcon 'F' House)

Mr Thomas Stevenson

(Harrier 'H' House)


Mrs Catriona Cranston

(Eagle 'E' House)

Ms Jaime Donald

(Osprey 'O' House)


Getting to See the PTPCs

Parents/carers who wish to discuss things with the Principal Teachers of Pastoral Care would normally write or telephone to make an appointment. In an emergency, parents, can of course, just come up to the school and someone will see them, but the key person may not be available immediately. Alternatively, you can email your child's Pastoral Care teacher directly:

Mrs C Cranston (Eagle House)





Mrs Commaille (Falcon House)





Mr T Stevenson (Harrier House)





Ms J Donald (Osprey House)





The pastoral care staff are responsible for the provision of vocational advice, and for liaison with the Careers Service (SDS). They also coordinate the vital process of getting the children to compile their own progress profiles. All youngsters in the middle school will receive a structured programme of careers and social education, and each pupil in S4 will be given the opportunity to have an interview with a Careers Adviser. The Careers Service also attend parents' meetings, and are happy to advise individual parents.


Course Choice

When pupils have to go through the process of choosing and negotiating certificated courses  the PTPC will play a key role in helping to advise pupils and parents.