42 Cleveden Road, Glasgow G12 0JW

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Cleveden Secondary School


Our Community

Cleveden School is at the centre of the local community, and it is used intensively by all sorts of groups.

Using the school's facilities

To obtain the use of an area of the school, apply at least 10 days in advance to:

Culture & Leisure Services
Community Letting Section
20 Trongate
G1 5ES

Tel: 287 5919, 302 2815/6/7
Fax: 302 2820

We try to take every opportunity to reach out into the community. Mention has already been made of the extensive use made of our facilities by outside groups, from the Community Council to the excellent youth clubs. We should also mention things like:

  • Our work in the charitable field. Over the last few years we have raised many thousands of pounds for local, national and international charities.
  • Our links with industry and further education. Some pupils in S3 and above spend at least one afternoon each week on pre-vocational training related to building and hospitality.  All S4 pupils have the opportunity of a week long placement in a careers field of their choice.  We also ensure that regular guest speakers attend assemblies to discuss various career opportunities and the knolwedge and skills required.  This enables the pupils to make informed choices about their future.
  • Our link with Gairbraid, Ruchill and St John's Renfield churches, with the ministers as our chaplains
  • Our links with younger children, through involvement in playgroups, peer tutoring, coaching assistance from our pupils to primary schools, and so on. The secondary school is now at the heart of Cleveden Learning Community, incorporating pre-5 and SEN establishments as well as the primaries
  • Our successful Young Enterprise Company
  • Our musical involvement in the life of the community. Every year our choirs, orchestra and ensemble are active in hospitals, day centres and local festivals
  • Our partnership with the Glasgow Asylum Seeker Project, the Woodlands Initiative and a whole range of other bodies working in that field.

We are always looking for new ways to expand such links, and we would welcome approaches from members of the community.