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Widening Participation

To support our young and prepare them for life beyond school, we engage with a variety of Widening Participation programmes.  Here is a brief outline of some of our most prominent Widening Participation partnerships:


Career Ready

Career Ready are a UK wide charity who provide S5 pupils with access to a 2 year internship programme that runs in conjunction with their school studies. Pupils who are successful in gaining a place on the programme have access to

: An Individual Mentor from the work of work.

: A 4 week paid internship

: A series of skills masterclasses

: Workplace visits

There are over 200 different employers involved in the programme. Pupils are able to build on Skills for Career Success and access support networks and opportunities to maximise their potential.

Focus West - Routes for All

Routes for All is an initiative ran by Glasgow Caledonia University for S5 and S6 pupils to support eligible pupils with applications to HNC level courses at college. Pupils gain access to materials and support for the following areas.

  • : Study Skills
  • : Exam Preparation
  • : Researching College Options
  • : Writing Personal Statements
  • : Completing College Application Forms

This is a preparation course run by The University of Glasgow for pupils who meet specific eligibility criteria and helps equip them with key stills needed for successful study in Higher Education. Pupils will work with Postgraduate Tutors and will participate in a mixture of online and in person lectures, seminars and workshops. Pupils are graded on their participation as well as a final written piece of work.

Should pupils successfully complete the programme their profile will be sent to all of the universities to which they have applied and may lead to an adjusted offer of entry.





Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award is partnered with the Outward Bound Trust to provide S6 pupils with the opportunity to develop skills, improve confidence and broaden their experience as they prepare for life beyond school. Pupils who participate in the award will be involved in the following activities.

A community project which allows these cross school teams to work together over the next several months in delivering a real project. This provides an opportunity to develop leadership and business skills whilst also helping others.