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Parent council

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The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 made provision for the involvement of parents and carers in their children's education and in school education generally.

The Parent Council is currently composed of approx 10 parents/carers, 2 teachers and additional co-opted members, with the Head Teacher, or in his absence the Dupute Head Teacher as advisor. 

The Parent Council has duties, rights and responsibilities in relation to the management of the school.

The main functions of Cleveden Parent Council are:

  • Consulting with, and reporting to parents and carers
  • Encouranging the development of links between schools, parents and carers
  • Taking part in the selection of senior promoted teachers
  • Receiving reports from the head teacher and education authority
  • Receiving an annual budget for administration, training etc
  • Having power to raise funds and spend these for the benefit of the school


The Act allows us to further strengthen and develop the excellent relationship with parents that is such an important feature of Cleveden Secondary School . The Parent Council was established on 19 September 2007 and the current officers are:


Chairperson: Julie Dunan
Vice Chair & Fundraising Chair: Ginny Styles
Secretary: Joanna Smith
Treasurer: Sue Green

If anyone wishes to raise any issues or even constitutional changes, please advise the Parent Council at

We hope to see you there!

Julie Dunan, Chair.