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Cleveden Secondary School


FARE Scotland

FARE Scotland (Family Action in Rogerfield and Easterhouse) is a voluntary organisation working within communities throughout Central Scotland. FARE strive to raise people's aspirations, encourage them to become more involved in their communities, create opportunities for personal development and equip them with the skills required to deal with the demands of 21st century life.  At Cleveden, we are very fortunate to be able to partner with FARE to provide additional support for our young people and their families. 

Sarah Brennan is our FARE worker. She is based within the school and works tirelessly to support many of our young people through a variety of educational and vocational programmes.

One the successful vocational programmes that Sarah has established is our car valeting.  Each week, a group of pupils from S2 and S3 work in partnership with Car Valeting Glasgow to learning the skills to wash and valet cars.  This has been hugely popular and successful.

Community and Youth Work is an important part of the Scottish education system based around the Curriculum for Excellence model in schools and communities. FARE Scotland workers are vital in the third sector and local authorities, providing non-formal learning opportunities contributing to young people’s skill development that helps them thrive.

Our work in the third sector and local authorities, plan and deliver a significant variety of non-formal learning opportunities, which help children and young people to develop the skills and attributes they need to thrive.” This complements and enhances learning through the formal curriculum, maximising individual potential with appropriate support and challenge.


FARE work with pupils experiencing, or at future risk of, social, emotional and behaviour difficulties and with their families, so that they can participate fully in home and school activities to maximise their potential. The focus is on early intervention to give children the best opportunity in succeeding in life.  FARE support pupils in achieving their full academic potential through providing additional learning opportunities via SCQF rated qualifications.   


Accredited qualifications that we deliver.

  • SCQF Level 5 Manual Handling
  • SCQF Level 6 Emergency First Aid at Work
  • SCQF Level 5 Health and Safety
  • Dynamic Youth Award
  • SCQF Level 4 Elementary Cooking


FARE take pride in creating partnerships with outside agencies which helps develop links for the young people and their families such as our new car valeting programme in Cleveden. The young people are taking part in a 10-week programme with Mobile Car Wash Glasgow washing and valeting cars for the teachers and the local community. The experience and life skills which are being developed from the programme is amazing.


The programme of services that are delivered have evolved to meet the needs of the individual pupils and school. The skills provided by FARE ensure that services available include support , food employability programmes and accredited qualifications and are lifelong learning activities.


FARE work with the senior leaderships teams in schools and engage with the young people to build confidence, self-esteem, establish routines and tackle behavioural issues. We work with families to help understand the school system, their child’s educational needs and develop ways to assist young people who are struggling in school.


Throughout the year FARE provide holiday programmes that young people can attend. Different activities are delivered such as arts and crafts, sports, and fun trips! These programmes are on Easter, Summer, and October holidays.