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Cleveden Secondary School


Making Thinking Visible

Making Thinking Visible offers our staff and learners research-based solutions for creating cultures of thinking. Making thinking Visible is structured in a way to develop thinking and its connection to understanding and engagement. Staff at Cleveden Secondary are creating learning environments that show how thinking can be made visible at any level and across all subject areas through the use of effective questioning, listening, documentation, and structures called "Thinking routines". These routines, designed by researchers at Project Zero at Harvard, scaffold and support one's thinking.

All staff have been engaged in the Making Thinking Visible programme and extended use of thinking routines is evident in most classes. Pupils are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge through the thinking routines and moves.

The Making Thinking Visible programme is part of a wider Glasgow City Council initiative and its being delivered in partnership with Tapestry.

Thinking Routines in Use

Staff have been producing work using the routines in class and examples of routines can be viewed and downloaded here:

History- Evacuation of Dunkirk

Geography- Headlines