42 Cleveden Road, Glasgow G12 0JW

0141 582 0060

Cleveden Secondary School


Associated Primary Schools

The pupils in our present first year are actually drawn from twenty different primary schools. This is by no means unusual in our school, which also includes pupils from families of more than twenty different national origins. Cleveden now has seven associated primary schools (By clicking on the Primary School logo/badge, you will be directed to their website).

These are:

Primary School Logo/Badge Address Head Teacher Telephone Number
Cadder Primary School 60 Herma Street, G23 5AR Mr Damian Nicholas 0141 946 3063
Caldercuilt PS 101 Invershiel Road, G23 5JG Ms Gail Palmarini 0141 945 0633
Dunard Primary School 65 Dunard Street, G20 6RL Ms Annmarie Connelly 0141 946 1417
Highpark Primary School 100 Bilsland Ave, G20 9NY Ms Wilma O’Donovan 0141 946 7073
Kelvindale Primary School 11 Dorchester Place, G12 9BP Mrs Gillian Roulston 0141 334 5005
North Kelvinside Primary School 200 Queen Margaret Drive, G20 8LY Ms Susan Thomson 0141 483 3090
Parkview Primary School 10 Rothes Drive, G23 5PZ Mr Steve Philson 0141 946 4622


Glasgow City Council (GCC) Enrolment Procedures 

Living within our catchment - P7 into S1

All pupis living within the Cleveden catchment area and currently attending a non-denominational primary school will automatically enrol for as part of our new S1 cohort. We have seven associated primary schools which are listed above.  As such, we have established and nurtured strong partnership links with each of our associated primary schools to produce a comprensive primary/secondary transition programme which begins with primary six pupils and continues throughout their last two years of prmary education.


Living outwith our catchment but within Glasgow City Council - P7 into S1

For pupils who do not live within our school catchment area, parents/carers will need to submit a placing request application. If your son/daughter attends a primary school within Glasgow City Council then you should be able to request a form from the school office at your child's current school. Once completed, the form should be sent to:

Area Support Team

Glasgow City Council

1 Gairbraid Avenue



G20 8YA

0141 276 2323

Email - BusinessServicesNWAreaHub@glasgow.gov.uk


Living out with our catchment and not within Glasgow City Council - P7 into S1

As with those pupils who wish to join us from Glasgow primary schools outwith our catchment area, parent/carers of children currently attending a primary school outwith Glasgow City Council should complete a placing request application.  By contacting the North West Area Support team at the address and phone number above, a form can be requested and sent out to you. Once completed the form should be returned to the North West Support Team to be processed. 


Pupils joining Cleveden from denominational primary or secondary schools

Parents and carers will need to submit a placing request in line with the procedures detailed above.


Mid term placing requests - All year groups

It's not uncommon for children/young people to transfer during the academic year. If this is the case, parents/carers should follow the procedures outlined above.  If  a mid term request is submitted, then we will contact you as soon as your details are passed onto us by the local authority.  Once we are in receipt of the relevant paperwork, our aim is to Ycontact parents/carers within two or three weeks of the request being submitted. The local authority will ask us to process requests once they have been approved and if there is still space within the relevant year group cohort. We will arrange a meeting to discuss the transfer and your son/daughter will usually join us within ten school days of the meeting.


The North West area support team are best placed to answer any further questions that you may have. Nevertheless, we will always endeavour to assist you. If you would like to discuss enrolement with us then please call the school on 0141 582 0060.