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Examination Timetable

To download this year's Exam timetable 2024 click on the image below:




There are even some past papers with marking schemes to download.


Exceptional Circumstance Request (ECR)


If you cannot sit an SQA examination or there was a serious disruption during the examination or your performance during the examination was affected by a personal circumstance which was beyond your control, we may be able to submit an Exceptional Circumstance Request (ECR) to SQA.


Please click on the image below for details of what to do if any of the above occurs.:



You can find out more information by clicking on the following link:




SQA Assessments


Most SQA courses that had modifications to assessment procedures/expectations during 2021-22 and 2022-23 have now returned to full assessment. 


Details of SQA assessment of National Courses from 2023-24 can be found by clicking on the image below:





Your National Qualifications 2023-24

Everything you need to know about SQA and National Qualifications can found in this booklet.

Click on the image below to take you to the document.





SQA Pastpapers

To access SQA pastparers in a range of different curricular subjects for the past five years, click here!



My Study Plan app

My Study Plan app iconOrganise your revision timetable and create your own study plan with our MyStudyPlan. Import your exam schedule, enter your time availability and use the information prioritise how much time you want to spend on each subject.

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MyExam app

Remove part of the stress of exam season and personalise your timetable with MyExams app. Create personal timetable, view your exam schedule, add notes and add to other calendars.

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Want to work on a bit of revision. Go to the Supported Study page within the Learning Zone for a few sites to start with.