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Cleveden Secondary School


School Improvement

HMIE Inspection 2014

HMIe Report 2014 Download document

School Handbook

Cleveden Secondary School Handbook  2023/24


School Improvement Plans

These documents outline the school's plans for continuous improvement.

2023-2024 Download Document

2022-2023 Download Document

2021-2022 Download Document

2020-2021 Download Document

2019-2020 Download Document

2018-2019 Download Document

2017-2018 Download Document


Educational Perspective Reports

2018 -2019 Download Document

2017-2018 Download Document

2016-2017 Download Document


Standards & Quality Reports

Our Standards & Quality Reports for session:


2021-2022 Standards & Quality Download Document

Departments 2022

Business & ICT Download Document 

English Download Document

Humanities Download Document

Creative Arts Download Document

Maths Download Document



2014-2015 Standards & Quality Download Document

2013-2014 Standards & Quality Download Document

2012-2013 Standards & Quality Download Document

2011-2012 Standard & Quality Download Document


Promoting Positive Relationships - our policy

Hand in hand with our Promoting Positive Relationships policy is our Gold Standard Merit scheme.

The Gold Standard Merit scheme above all else is a systematic way of improving low - level indiscipline by consistently reinforcing positive behaviour - Download document


Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying behaviour involves the wilful, conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone else.

Bullying happens whenever someone abuses his or her power to make life unpleasant for someone else.

Bullying can take many forms:

  • verbal bullying name calling, using language to wound social bullying exclusion from the group, ‘ganging up’ and so on
  • material damage to belongings, stealing property, extortion mental threats;
  • pressure to conform;
  • constant derision, etc
  • physical hitting; ‘pushing around’, etc

Bullying behaviour is not confined to children or young people; bullying, in some form and to some extent, takes place wherever any group of human beings work or play together bullying usually occurs between the same people – it can best be understood as a set of relationships rather than as a set of incidents.

Our stance as a school

We start from the premise that every member of this school is valued as an individual; all have equal rights and all are entitled to equal opportunities. A key part of anyone’s rights is the right to enjoy both learning and leisure free from intimidation.