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Cleveden World Cup
STEM ED Project



As part of a Curriculum of Excellence (CfE) pilot programme, Cleveden Secondary was invited by the STEM Ed (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Education) group to develop a programme of work that would enhance the delivery of Numeracy across the curriculum for S1 pupils.  Four options were available and Cleveden decided to incorporate Numeracy through Health & Well-Being, resulting in the ‘Cleveden World Cup‘.  The objective was to create an ‘experience’ that pupils would enjoy, increase their awareness of some elements of Health & Well-Being and allow pupils to develop their numeracy skills using data collected that was relevant to the pupils themselves.


The premise was simple, over a two week period all S1 pupils participated in a football tournament as a member of a World Cup qualifying country.  The games were played down at Kirklee on two Wednesday afternoons with various staff and a class of S3 pupils organising and managing players, games and spectating teams.  During the activity, data was collected and recorded that was pertinent to each individual pupil and their team i.e. Heart Rate Scores before, during and after games), Team statistics (Games won/lost/drawn, goals scored/conceded etc…).  The pupils were then able to transfer this data into their log books back in school and then analyse it during Numeracy/Maths lessons. 


Pupils were allocated a team within their tutor class sections.  As it was a 7 a-side competition, each team had no more than ten players which meant that there were two teams per tutor class.  Prior to the tournament, during the tutor period,  each team had to research their team’s country and create a poster highlighting the design of the football strip, the flag and several other interesting facts which would then be displayed within the school foyer.  The pupils thoroughly engaged with this task and the quality of posters created was astounding.


The end result of this project was a thoroughly enjoyable and successful experience for all involved – both pupils and staff.  The initial objective was achieved, with pupils given the opportunity to study and analyse numerical figures that they themselves were involved with collecting.  This enhanced their understanding that numeracy skills were transitional across other areas of the curriculum.  However, by the end of the project, it was clear that all initial expectations had been surpassed. Pupils responded exceptionally well from start to finish, with most fully engaging with each aspect of the project.  As well as the sense of competition, the pupils involved also showed great responsibility and ownership, developing strong links with other team members, supporting and encouraging, particularly during the competition itself.   The sense of community from the pupils was marvellous to witness and be part of.


The successful teams went on to win medals (Gold, Silver & Bronze) with the overall winners also receiving a cup in recognition of their achievement.  However, all participants received a key ring and certificate in recognition of their involvement.  Due to the success of the ‘Cleveden world up’ it’s planned for this to be an annual event whereby other pupils will share in this educational experience.