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Health and Wellbeing

 Cleveden World Cup

In October 2012, all of our S2 pupils took part in a joint project between the Mathematics and the Health and Wellbeing Faculty to show how we can use our Numeracy skills in PE. They investigated how our heart rate was affected during physical activity and how we could use these skills to calculate and analyse these by competing in the Cleveden World Cup tournament.

Each tutor class competed at a country and played in the group stages, with winners in each group progressing to the finals. It was an enjoyable afternoon for all pupils and staff involved, and most importantly, the rain stayed off!

Well done to all those who took part, and the winners were:

Bronze Medal Winner: Brazil 2F2  

Silver Medal Winners: Sweden 2W1

Gold Medal Winners: France 2W2


S2 “Fit for Life”

As of August 2013 all S2 pupils will receive an additional period within the Health and Wellbeing Faculty.  The ‘Fit for Life’ Course is a course which has been developed to enhance the Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes through Home economics and Physical Education. “Fit for Life” develops the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes which pupils need for social and physical wellbeing. 


Learning through Health and Wellbeing will enable our pupils to


  • Experience challenge and enjoyment
  • Experience positive aspects of healthy living and activity.
  • Allows pupils to apply social and physical skills within Physical Activity and Practical Cookery within HE.
  • Establish a pattern of health and well being which will be sustained in to adult life, and which will help to promote the health and wellbeing of the next generation of Scottish Children.

Within both Physical Education and Home Economics pupils will continually develop their understanding of a healthy diet, which is one composed of a variety and balance of foods and drinks. Pupils will continue to acquire knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices and aid them in establishing lifelong health eating habits. It is the Faculty’s aim that all pupils will develop an appreciation that practical physical activity along with practical cookery can be an enjoyable activity. It is of crucial importance that all pupils understand the role of physical activity and food within social and cultural contexts.


Interdisciplinary Learning

The Health and Wellbeing Faculty are currently involved within the S1 Health and Enterprise IDL, this been running successfully for the last 2 years. The main objective of the course is to give our young people opportunity for learning beyond subject boundaries.  The course will be based upon experiences and outcomes drawn from different curricular areas; these will mainly focus on Health and wellbeing, Science and Technologies. It is hoped that this will add depth to their prior HWB as pupils will be asked to apply it to different contexts.


Health Summit

The Glasgow Schools Health & Wellbeing Survey was carried out in 2011 and gained information on key behavioural areas and gained access to individual pupil perceptions of their lives and their futures. Following the publication of data, Health Improvement staff and Education staff were tasked with organising a series of Health Summits.


The Health and Wellbeing Faculty are currently involved within Glasgow’s Health Summit.  The Health Summit is a project undertaken by a group of 12 S3 pupils in conjunction with Glasgow City Community Health Partnership team.  The health Summit is designed to support pupils to focus on a selected health issues highlighted from the data of the survey.


Our S3 pupils choose two topics: Cyber –Bullying and Healthy Eating. There aims are

  • Raise awareness of the issue of cyber-bulling amongst pupils and parents
  • Address the healthy eating options within the fuel zone
  • Identify why our young people are reluctant to use the fuel zone
  • Highlight to pupils healthy options/nutritional benefits.


Our S3 pupils will carry out a range of tasks including research, gathering evidence/feedback from pupils, presenting at assemblies, making a resource DVD on cyber bullying and looking at innovative ways to highlight to all young people the nutritional benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Our pupils will present their finding to all North West school in Glasgow during this year’s health Summit and identify which pupils should take this legacy forward.


Future Events 

S2 Health Day

S1 Cleveden World Cup.