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Cleveden Secondary School


XL and SVS

These course are team-based programmes of personal development for students in S3 and S4.

Participants can:

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase attendance and motivation and improve their chances of completing compulsory schooling
  • Increase the number of qualifications attempted
  • Enhance citizenship and community awareness
  • Improve the quality of their evidence for the Personal Achievement Record
  • Improve social skills and behaviour in school

The class meet for three periods a week and, guided by an xl club Adviser, class members are encouraged to work together to achieve goals relating to their education, training and future lives.


Below is a slide show of the Team building activities that we took part in.  Some of them were very scary!!!!

The XL class work towards The Prince’s Trust xl Award accredited by ASDAN, which gives the pupils an award in the ‘Wider Key Skills’ of Problem Solving, Working with Others and Improving own Learning, as well as recognising achievement in five key areas including citizenship and entrepreneurship.


The SVS class work towards a similar SQA certification.

We have also been involved in some of the local primary schools, training the P7 pupils in cycling proficiency.  Before we could train the P7 pupils we had to be trained as trainers.  This was greast fun.