42 Cleveden Road, Glasgow G12 0JW

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Cleveden Secondary School


Values and vision


Learning at Cleveden SecondaryWe seek to be, in the fullest sense, a place of learning. We try to ensure, by the design and structure of our courses, that all our youngsters learn the facts, the techniques and the skills necessary to equip them for their lives after school; we intend also that they should learn something about themselves and their fellow citizens, about how to learn, and about the importance of continuing to learn, now and in the future.


Growing at Cleveden SecondaryWe aim to provide a safe, caring and orderly place to grow – to Grow in knowledge, in skills and in understanding, as well as in stature; and as childhood gradually gives way to young adulthood, to grow also in maturity, responsibility, self-assurance and ambition. We try to cater both for the common needs of all and for the special aptitudes and interests of the individual.


Building at Cleveden SecondaryLike any other community we have rules. These stress, without apology, the old-fashioned virtues – honesty, kindness, reliability, hard work, good manners, good appearance, punctuality and respect for others. We believe that our rules should provide a framework upon which our young people gradually build their own self-discipline and find their own dignity as human beings.


Preparing at Cleveden SecondaryHome and school are united in the same hope for every pupil – that they will emerge into adult life as good citizens, well-prepared and willing to lead fulfilling and useful lives. We can best ensure this by working together: We recognise and welcome parents as partners in the educational process.