Cleveden Secondary School


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Pupil Voice

 Pupil Voice

 This Years Pupil Improvement Areas:

  • Re-inventing each departments page on the website to make them more useful for students - Lee Curran
  • Setting up Social Media pages to allow students to access learning materials and obtain help from teachers at home     - Jennifer Smith
  • Building on last years 1st Year House Cup - Liam Martin
  • Creating a new Junior House Cup - David Divers
  • Building Relationships with associated Primaries - Liam Martin and All House Captains  


 Click on this link for a copy of our Pupil led School Improvement Plan   - PIP_2014-15.doc


House Captains

David Divers - Bruce House Captain

Being a House Captain is a chance to leave a lasting legacy in Cleveden and to pay back the school for all the fantastic opportunities that i have been given over the years. It is a chance to contribute to a community that is inclusive and welcoming.

This year I hope to push for a House Cup that will include all year groups, to some extent, in order to build upon the S1 House Cup and make the House Groups become a friendly and inclusive environment for all. I hope this initiative proves to be successful in creating a more socially relaxed school community and to make communication between each year group stronger.  

Jennifer Smith - Fleming House Captain

As House Captain, aim to listen to the views of pupils,taking forward their idead and suggestions on how to make positive chnages to Cleveden. This year, my main focus is on celebrating all the changes all the achievements as this makes the school a happier place.

My focus this year is to develop Cleveden's social media pages . The Facebook page will let pupils access homework, class notes and ask for help . The Twitter page will keep pupils and parents updated on whats happening in and around the school .

Liam Martin - Stuart House Captain

Hello! I am Liam, the Stuart House Captain and I love being a House Captain. I get to help Cleveden Secondary in a great way, I get the job of increasing the school role. It's so great being able to talk to the primaries as it just brings so many memories of being in primary and being so terrified of cleveden, now I love Cleveden - how six years have changed me!

I want to say to any primary pupil, teacher or parent; Cleveden is great. (Yes of course I have to say that, I can't say it's awful though I mean this so sincerely - Cleveden is great). Cleveden is great because you get to empower our pupils, we give them the chance to help shape their own education, we do this through: having a diverse and wide pupil council, a chance for anyone to set up their own club, like my own Film Club! And so much more. - I hope this wasn't too cringey.



Lee Curran -  Wallace House Captain

Being a House Captain means i can personally ensure that each person in Wallace House can have their opinions presented to the Senior Management of the school and feel that their views are valued. It is a priviledge to have such an important role in Cleveden.

This year I aim to redevelop the department pages on the school website to make them more useful to students, especially during exam and test periods. I will negotiate with each departement and obtain homeworks with corresponding notes , practice exam questions and other useful material, all of which will be available for students to easily access from home.